Audrey Lane-Partlow & Mia Mugavero - World of dance 2019 - Qualifiers & Duels - REACTION!


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  • frostie21
    frostie21  1 weeks back

    Never watched this show before but, I seen this on Instagram and had to check it out on youtube here. ☺ Great commentary! I agree, the doll performance was amazing.

    • Sicily Sims
      Sicily Sims  2 weeks back

      What gives you an opinion on dancing?

      • bts trash
        bts trash  1 weeks back

        +frostie21 It was a meh performance. I was impressed by audrey's isolations but again, they were trying way too hard to be different. Way too confident. The group they were up against were so much bettrr.

      • bts trash
        bts trash  1 weeks back

        +frostie21 Mia was honestly too confident. The choreography was alright, they've done better in their normal classes

      • frostie21
        frostie21  1 weeks back

        What qualifies anyone? I don't think anyone needs to qualify to comment on something like this. It was a great performance.

      • Hostile Gamer
        Hostile Gamer   1 weeks back

        Mia & Audrey have no problems with my opinion on this dance, or any other video I have reacted to of theirs for that matter. I have a passion for dance and have been a fan of dance since I can remember. I'm also taking classes too so I hope this clarifies everything for you :)

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor  3 weeks back

      I never take any of Neyo's critiques seriously

      • Mia Mugavero
        Mia Mugavero  1 months back

        Thank you so much for this reaction! I watch a lot of your reactions, thank you for the constant support :)

        • Hostile Gamer
          Hostile Gamer   1 months back

          You are very welcome! I really appreciate how much effort you always put into everything you do, so keep doing what you are doing! :D WoD 2020 Champions?? :P

      • Zesty Char
        Zesty Char  2 months back

        They were against Ellie and Ava

        • iamquita3
          iamquita3  2 months back

          Julian and Charlize. The literally had the best performance of the night.

          • J J
            J J  2 months back

            Charlize and Julian’s duels next??

            • joe weeden
              joe weeden  2 months back

              You need to see julian and Charlize duels battle

              • Chermaine Johnson
                Chermaine Johnson  2 months back

                Can you please react to Julian and Charlize’s “Duels” performance?! Love your channel!